Essential Tips for Installing a Sprinkler System

Growing a new lawn is fun and adds value to your property. However, a lawn needs constant care and maintenance for the lush grass to retain its impressive look. It is the reason every homeowner with a lawn must invest in a sprinkler system. It ensures your green lawn never lacks water, whether it is the dry or the wet season. That said, you must first install a sprinkler system correctly before using it.

What To Look For In Your Next Tractor

Tractors are one of the most useful and unique vehicles used on many farms and outback properties across Australia. From their ability to haul extremely vital agricultural equipment to their usage as a rough and tumble transportation device over what can be very hard country, tractors are extremely necessary for rural Australians. However, because of their large workload that is more strenuous than most, tractors have a tendency to have a short lifespan if not well looked after.

A Line In The Sand: Is A Sand Filtered Septic System Right For Your Waste Disposal Needs?

It goes without saying that proper sewage disposal facilities are a must for any home, and homes that cannot be linked to main sewer systems commonly use septic tanks to disposed of bathroom waste and blackwater. However, conventional septic tank systems aren't right for every home, and man homeowners choose septic tanks with added sand filters to help improve their day-to-day performance. What are sand filtered septic systems?  Conventionally, a septic tank drains its filtered wastewater into a large section of ground known as a leech field.

The Mow Down: Choosing A Lawnmower Suitable For Ornamental Grasses

When purchasing a lawnmower for use on an ordinary lawn, most of us will opt for the most efficient mower at the most reasonable price and leave it at that. However, delicate ornamental lawns populated with fragile grasses or turfs require a more delicate instrument to keep them trim. Not every lawnmower model out there is suitable for use on these specialised lawns, with some models doing more harm than good to fragile grasses — as such, you should keep the following questions in mind when shopping around for a new mower:

Are You Growing Leafy Greens? Here's Why You Need Your Irrigation Water Tested

If you're beginning to grow leafy greens like lettuce and spinach or you already have an operation underway, one of the most important things you need to keep on top of is your irrigation water quality. Irrigation water can be a source of harmful pathogens which can cause serious illnesses in those who buy and consume your produce. Here's what you need to know about why you should have your water tested.