What To Look For In Your Next Tractor

Tractors are one of the most useful and unique vehicles used on many farms and outback properties across Australia. From their ability to haul extremely vital agricultural equipment to their usage as a rough and tumble transportation device over what can be very hard country, tractors are extremely necessary for rural Australians. However, because of their large workload that is more strenuous than most, tractors have a tendency to have a short lifespan if not well looked after. On the other hand, there are always more tractors for sale, and the next time you need to buy one, here are some of the things you should be looking for.

Specific Use 

When buying a tractor, most people have a specific task for it to complete. It is easy to forget that most tractors are built with a specialised task in mind, which makes it vital that you get a tractor that was built to complete the task you want it to. This means when you are looking at tractors for sale, you need to immediately eliminate all the tractors not fit for the task you want.


As you will no doubt have realised after your last tractor broke, you want to get a tractor that is going to last a long time, unless you are trying to buy a tractor that is as cheap as possible. But even in this case, you need to accept the fact you might not get one with a long future and come to peace with it. For those looking to get a tractor with good longevity, look for the important signs:

  • Low usage: many tractors for sale are secondhand, which is fine if they are kept in good condition. Always check how long a tractor has been used for.
  • Reputable brand: not all tractors are created equal. Look for brands with known track records and avoid newer brands that don't have an established reputation
  • Warranty: warranties are like gold for those buying a tractor and they give you some assurance that you won't be immediately screwed over.

Ease Of Use

Many people with tractors for sale will try and convince you that you need a lot of new bells and whistles to complete the job you want done. Of course, this is nonsense and tractors have worked just fine for a hundred years with as little frills as possible. Do not pay for extras and add-ons that you don't need. Know what job you want your tractor to complete and look for the best tractor to fulfil these demands, not the one with the latest technology. Remember: these are not luxury vehicles, they are working ones.