Essential Tips for Installing a Sprinkler System

Growing a new lawn is fun and adds value to your property. However, a lawn needs constant care and maintenance for the lush grass to retain its impressive look. It is the reason every homeowner with a lawn must invest in a sprinkler system. It ensures your green lawn never lacks water, whether it is the dry or the wet season. That said, you must first install a sprinkler system correctly before using it. This article highlights tips for installing a sprinkler system correctly.

Check Water Quality 

When installing sprinkler rotor heads, it is critical to check the water quality before anything else. The reason is that some rotor heads are susceptible to dirty water and do not last long after installation. For instance, some sprinkler rotor heads do not work well with well water because of the high level of sand. Therefore, unless you use a pump system that filters out all the sand, avoid dirt-sensitive sprinklers. However, it does not matter which sprinklers you install if you plan to use city water because it is fresh and contaminant-free.

Use Tubing Cutters 

Although installing a sprinkler system as a DIY project is fun, you need to be careful regarding the tools you use to cut the tubing. Some homeowners believe that they can use any saw they can find to cut sprinkler tubing, only to mess things up. A hacksaw or any other saw does not leave a clean cut, affecting a sprinkler system in the future. For instance, plastic bits left behind by a hacksaw will flow through the tubing and clog a sprinkler head. Consequently, it reduces the amount of water your lawn receives, affecting vegetation growth. For this reason, you should always use tubing cutters in all your sprinkler installation projects.

Install More Heads 

The number of sprinkler heads you install in your irrigation system depends on the size of your lawn. However, it is advisable to install more sprinkler heads than you need. It ensures that no section of a yard receives less water than the other. Additionally, installing more sprinkler heads than you need allows each section to be watered by at least two sprinkler heads. Moreover, sprinkler heads are inexpensive, meaning that you can install a few extra ones. However, do not use different types of sprinklers on the same lawn section because you will lose control over watering times. For instance, watering times for rotor heads and fixed-spray heads are different, and using them together in the same zone affects efficiency.

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